Q? License Troubleshooting with Modelsim & Synplify Pro ME


When you want to install  Microsemi Libero design software tool flow  with a simple Node-Locked License (Gold License),  you should first get 2 Gold licenses and not one .

You need to get your HostID or DiskID  according to your configuration (Server or not) :

The Hostid is the unique number assigned to your computer on the network and depends on the type of license you have :

Node-Locked License : DiskID (Tape after the prompt : C:\ vol C:  ) 

License Server : HostId (Tape after the prompt C:\lmutil lmhostid -vsn)

I suggest to get 2 Licenses (first one with your HostId and the second one with your DiskId) for to avoid troubleshooting with ModelSim and Synplify Pro ME . It seems that these last tools work only with a license generated with your HostId number and  Libero work only with a license generated with your DiskId number  (for simple Node-Locked License). 

This license is free for 1 year and is easy renewable on www.microsemi.com site. 



Q? ModelSim 10.3.C: Linking in VHDL (Error vsim-3473)


When, i follows step by step the tutorial provides by ModelSim Tutorial, (v10.3c) for VHDL librairy process, when i attempt to run the simulation, the VSIM error appear  ?

# vsim
# Start time: 13:51:30 on Jan 08,2016
# Loading std.standard
# Loading work.test_counter(only)
# ** Warning: (vsim-3473) Component instance "dut : counter" is not bound.
#    Time: 0 ps  Iteration: 0  Instance: /test_counter File: C:/Microsemi/Libero_v11.6/Model/examples/xxxxl/testbench/tcounter.vhd

solution :

The solution has been found in a XILINX tutorial. Although this is the same tutorial, the Chapter : Working with Multiple Library provides more details on how to configure ModelSim . Thank to Xilinx.